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The Register is now closed

On monday 15 February 2010, we reached 2500 failed Time Capsule registrations and we decided to close the Memorial Register for new submissions.
We know for sure that many more Time Capsules will die in the next months (or years maybe) but we’ve decided not to spend anymore of our time cataloging this disaster.

The Time Capsule Memorial Register was brought to life on October 10, 2009 by an unhappy customer from the Netherlands after he found out that his failed Time Capsule was only one of many, and Apple told everyone in his situation that they were out of warranty, so out of luck.
The massive failure started around september 2009 (about 18 months after the first Time Capsules were sold). The Register was meant as a humorous protest against Apple’s unwillingness to offer a solution to the ever growing number of people who ended up with a “shiny white doorstop”.

Apple’s turnaround

Around halfway November 2009, Apple finally came to their senses and put together an internal Knowledge Base article for their worldwide support staff in which they outlined instructions to check failed Time Capsule serial numbers and offer a replacement if the number was within a certain range. We have no idea which range this is, and we’re skeptical about it: the Time Capsule thermal design is flawed, regardless of the serial number. More info about this can be found in the sidebar on the Now what? page.


The Register was hand-moderated because of the many “prank”-submissions. For this reason, two fake digits were tacked to the end of the serial numbers as listed on the Register page.
The vast majority of the fake submissions came from Windows users, as could be seen from the user agent string that is recorded for each registration. This once again shows how frustrated Windows users really are, and how many of them lack a sense of humor (“hey man, I just filled out a webform with fake details, woot!”).


Only two emails were sent out to notify the public of the site’s existence (one to hardmac.com, the other to an Apple user forum), but the worldwide press attention in the next few days was totally overwhelming (30.000 people visited the Time Capsule Memorial Register on the first day it went live). Have a look at the screenshot-archive (warning: long page!) for press coverage.
In the picture above, you see a two-page spread of our famous graveyard illustration which was published in Brazilian Mac-magazine “MacPlus” in November 2009.


We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has registered their dead Time Capsule here. We have no proof for it, but we strongly believe that your contribution has finally made Apple decide to be lenient towards customers with failed ‘out of warranty’ Time Capsules.